Saturday, April 26, 2008

What If The TTC Just Disappeared?

Well, it did.
It's quite ironic that TTC would post a video like this:

They explain how the world would basically end:
-We would need 8 new lanes to the DVP
-We need 3 CN-Tower-like parking garages
-Jobs would be lost
-Congestion would skyrocket
-More transit means more pollution
-Air, soil and water would be fouled
-More people dying from smog-related illness
-More traffic means more car crashes

So even though the TTC encourages us to take public transit, they want the world to end by leaving people out in the cold on a Friday night by striking.

What could be better than living longer, breathing easier, saving money, saving the planet?
I don't know - if the TTC actually ran? ? How about

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Jason Coulls said...

Oddly enough, the site disappeared today!