Saturday, May 07, 2005

With a great summer job, comes great toys

Time sure flies by fast... It feels like only yesterday when I was playing cops and robbers as a ten-year-old. Now, 2nd year has finished and I'm at the half-way mark (well, not exactly, but almost). Half way done university, that sure feels good. I hope I'll survive 3rd and 4th year.. and possibly grad school?

Along with the completion of a year of university, comes a summer of hard work and money earning. This summer, I've decided that I'll be doing another season of Wonderland. Wonderland provides long shifts, and with long shifts come big money. Working at Wonderland has reminded me that money is really hard to find... [but easy at times ;) ] Because I'm a rehire this year, I won't be getting as many short shifts as I did last year. I don't think I'll ever work as much as many hours as I did for 2 weeks ever again: 110 hours (59:27 + 50:10 [You can do the math]). Anyone dare to challenge my record? I've already started treating myself to some very nice things: GBA DEEP SILVER EDITION (/limited edition Kingdom Hearts) 1 2 3 4, HP iPAQ RX3115 1 2 3 4 and Logitech X-230 sound system (pictures won't help you appreciate how amazing these speakers are.....). However, I think that the most expensive toy that I've played with (and ever will) would be Cliffhanger. It has an extra water button, a joystick and it occasionally causes the sky to rain toonies for some reason. Need I say more?

I must admit that one very big reason why I came back to Wonderland was because of the crew. It's a shame to see it split in half (literally) along with promotions and transfers. We held such great pride last year as a crew and as ride ops at Wonderland, but things happen that don't always go the way you'd want it to and people decide to go their own ways. So I suppose all that matters is that you're happy where you are. Take Care ex-Dragons...