Monday, October 11, 2004

and this is how the Wonderland chapter ends... for now

"Dragon Fire and Paramount Canada's Wonderland is now closed for the season. We hope you enjoyed your stay, and we wish you a safe and enjoyable drive home.. see you next season.."

When I first applied for the job as a ride operator at Wonderland, I was simply looking for something to do during my summer days instead of wasting them like in previous summers. It seemed to me that a job at Wonderland was the best job you can ever have. Sure, it was really stressful at times because of idiotic guests or parents who forced their children on our rides or pressure from managers to improve on the stupidest things. But there were fun times too, like when we'd all make guests on Spinovator scream as loud as they can when doing SOP (Spinovator OP), shown in this example of Chan (*Note: You need Divx DivX). Near the end of the season, most of the crap that comes from guests and managers becomes unimportant because you're with all your friends and we ran so freely. The last weekend of work brought a lot of closure to a long season of hard work and just simply being together. We all hugged goodbye and all the girls cried.. Now I realize that it's not the best job you can ever have because you have free admissions to the park, but because you meet so many people and make so many friends.

I'd say my summer definately was not wasted. I don't think I will ever have as much fun working anywhere as I did working here. Thanks Dragon Fire... for the best summer I ever had.