Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Victoria Day Fireworks at Wonderland 2004

Nothing short of spectacular is how I'd describe it. With a POP (probablilty of precipitation) at 100% for Sunday evening (May 23,2004), the pouring rain make it look like everyone was gonna leave cause they'd know that fireworks would be cancelled. Lighting and pouring rain shut down all the rides at the last moments before 10:30PM, the time they'd have fireworks. Miraculously, the rain just stopped, so they decided to go ahead with it. Throughout the aprx. 20 min. show of non-stop fireworks: no rain. What an amazing show: the main show of fireworks over Vortex, and a little background fireworks show at the top of the Paramount moutain, located in the middle of the park, behind us. The atmosphere was so relaxing.... It wasn't a hot night, but a cool breezy one. THIS is the reason I'd want to be and work at Wonderland whole summer long: more work? or more play? Both seems so good. Once the show was over, immidiately, the rain started MASSIVELY pouring. Funny how the weather works..... Then, Monday May 24, Victoria Day. Residents that live very close to Wonderland, firing fireworks non-stop for the almost a whole hour I waited for the YRT bus, (since they must be rich to be able to afford a house close to Wonderland). It's like the whole horizon lit up, that's how many residents were firing fireworks. I sat on the grass and just watched. Then, once I got to Steels and McCowan, Miliken park was firing loads of fireworks too. On my walk back home to Denison and McCowan, all I heard was lotsa popping, crackling, sizzling and whistling. I look forward to this many fireworks when Canada day comes. Happy Victoria Day everyone.


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